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Tristian Reid

Dedicated Sports Management and Leadership Professional, I Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Tristian Reid is a highly accomplished sports management professional with a career spanning over 12 years in the industry. His passion for sports, coupled with his commitment to fostering excellence and inclusivity, has defined his journey in the world of athletics.

Tristian’s dedication to working with provincial and national post-secondary athletes from diverse backgrounds has been a hallmark of his career. He has tirelessly strived to develop not just world-class athletes but also world-class scholars and world-class citizens. His strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion principles is evident through his collaboration with organizations and stakeholders to champion these values.

One notable achievement in Tristian’s career was his consultation with the Honorable Minister of Sport for Canada, Pascale St-Onge, and Parliamentary Secretary Adam van Koeverden on the Sports Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy and new Sport funding model. This exemplifies his unwavering commitment to creating inclusive sports environments.

As a seasoned negotiator and conflict resolution expert, Tritsian’s expertise extends to partnerships with various entities, including municipalities, universities, colleges, national and provincial sports organizations, sports properties, and agencies. His impressive list of collaborations includes organizations like the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, NBA Canada, NFL Canada, and Labatt. Additionally, his leadership roles within the Sponsorship Marketing Council Canada, Black Talent Initiative, Black Beyond Sport, and others have showcased his ability to forge successful business relationships and drive revenue growth.

Tristian’s career has demanded a versatile skill set, and he has consistently risen to the occasion. As a Sports Management Consultant, he has overseen a wide range of services, including strategic planning, human resource management, financial operations, program development, and policy development. His ability to work closely with executive leaders, coaches, and stakeholders has allowed him to execute partner contract deliverables, resulting in valuable initiatives such as mental health support, leadership programming, and career workshops.

What sets Tristian apart is his deep understanding of the unique needs of athletes and coaches. He takes a collaborative approach to decision-making, always maintaining a broad strategic view that encompasses both theoretical and practical knowledge. This combined with his boundless energy and enthusiasm for working with stakeholders, has earned him he reputation of a pragmatic idealist who consistently delivers the best solutions by leveraging available resources.

Above all, Tristian motivation lies in the athletes themselves – their challenges, triumphs, setbacks, and accomplishments. His dedication to their success is unwavering, and he considers it a privilege to assist them in reaching their full potential.

Tristian Reid is now poised to bring his wealth of experience and visionary leadership to ICSN. With a rich history and tradition to build upon, he looks forward to collaborating with the Board of Directors to achieve new heights ICSN performance excellence. His track record of success and commitment to diversity and inclusion make him a standout candidate to drive ICSN programs to even greater success.

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