ICSN is happy to announce that The Inclusion in Sports Webinar series is officially open for registration!

We’re a collaborative effort by ICSN, RISE, and Transathlete.com, dedicated to supporting administrators and student-athletes in fostering inclusivity within post-secondary athletic programs. 

The webinars featuring RISE and Transathlete.com will be tailored for Sport Administrators within Post Secondary Athletics across Canada. There will be webinars specifically designed for Emerging BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour), aged 18 years old-30 years old

A ticket will include access to all Transathlete.com and RISE sessions for one Administrator and Access to all sessions for an emerging BIPOC Leader. This package will also include a ticket to the 3rd Annual Diversity in Sports Conference in 2025, for both respective parties.

For more Information visit our programs page website.

ICSN would not be able to make this possible without the funding provided by Sport Canada through the Sport Support Program’s Gender – Equity & Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion component.

BSB Summer Series is BACK! 

This Thursday June 27th the BSB Summer Series is back at Stackt Market.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, get your tickets here.

See you there!

Sport Canada and Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network (ICSN) Announce Multi-year Funding Partnership

The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Physical Activity of Canada, Keynote Speakers at the 2nd Annual Diversity in Sports Conference.

[The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Physical Activity of Canada, Keynote Speakers at the 2nd Annual Diversity in Sports Conference.]


Toronto, ON: Today, Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network (ICSN) announced that the
organization has received $820,500 in a multi-year funding from the Sport Support Program’s
Gender Equity – Equity, Diversity Inclusion component.

The funding aims to support Gender Equity in Sport as well as fund Diversity in Sports to
breakdown barriers for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC). Funding will be used to support the Diversity in Sports Conference, the Emerging BIPOC Leaders program, and the Anti-Racism in Sport Toolkit that will be released in Fall 2024.

“Sport in Canada needs to look like Canada. Our government is proud to invest in the efforts of the Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network, which advances equal opportunities for everyone in sport. The organization’s leadership in anti-racism and diversity initiatives in this space is essential and helps pave the way for more communities across the country to see themselves represented in sport. Because of this work, we can build a safer, more inclusive and more welcoming sport system here in Canada,” said the Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Physical Activity.

Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network (ICSN), formally known as The Black Canadian Coaches Association (BCCA) is a Black-led organization committed to the empowerment of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) within the Canadian amateur sports community. Our mission revolves around three core objectives: celebration, advocacy through allyship, and networking.

Our vision is to cultivate a more racially diverse and inclusive Canadian amateur sports
landscape by creating pathways to increase the representation of BIPOC Canadian coaches, officials, sport administrators, and support staff. We achieve this through communication, education, professional development, sharing job opportunities, and nurturing resiliency skills.

For further information please contact:
Shauna Bookal, President

Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network

About the ParticipACTION Community Challenge presented by Novo Nordisk

The ParticipACTION Community Challenge presented by Novo Nordisk returns this year to help everyone enjoy the many physical, social and mental health benefits of getting active together!

The Community Challenge is a national physical activity and sport initiative that encourages everyone in Canada to get active throughout June in search of Canada’s Most Active Community. The challenge is open to all communities and individuals, ultimately recognizing Canada’s Most Active Community and awarding it with $100,000 to support local physical activity and sport initiatives. In addition to the national winner, there is also a prize for the most active community in each province and territory as well as weekly organization prizing to be awarded throughout June.

The ParticipACTION Community Challenge presented by Novo Nordisk is proudly funded by the Government of Canada, Novo Nordisk and supporting partner, Saputo.

ICSN Announces the 3rd Annual Diversity in Sports Conference

The Diversity in Sports Conference, presented by Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network (ICSN), a national based organization, is dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in amateur sports. ICSN is excited to offer a variety of resources and strategies to help you create a more inclusive sports environment.

We believe that growth in sports is a community effort that expands just beyond one group of people or any individual community. This conference brings together racialized and marginalized groups, but also all allies from across the globe who are in this fight for change right alongside us.

The weekend will be filled with workshops and training sessions designed specifically for emerging BIPOC leaders, coaches, officials and sports administrators. Networking with like-minded individuals and building relationships that will support your EDI efforts. Keynote speakers, who will offer practical advice on creating a more inclusive sports culture. Discussions around encouraging allyship and promoting LGBTQ2S+ inclusion to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

This game-changing event is open to the public and welcomes sports enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, administrators, and advocates alike.

We believe that creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive sports environment requires ongoing effort and commitment, which starts with all of us.

Our mission is to create a movement longer than any moment any of us could individually make. We want lasting change that continues to evolve with the Canadian Sports landscape. Together we will be that movement.

Join us at the 3rd Annual Diversity Conference, a place where together, we transform the best practices surrounding EDI in sports, into the most powerful sports movement Canada has yet to see.


Breaking Barriers in Swimming – Launch Event

On Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, the ICSN and the City of Durham held the Breaking Barriers in Swimming Launch Event at the Audley Recreation Center Pool in Ajax, ON.

Breaking Barriers in Swimming invites 20 Indigenous, Black and racialized swimmers to learn more about water safety with Jamaican Olympic Swimmer and world record holder, Alia Atkinson. The swimmers had access to training and exercises that enhanced comfort levels in the water as well as the opportunity to enroll in a six-week swim program in the summer.

All participants received a gift bag with items from Soul Cap, Swim Canada, Whatabound, and various other organizations. We had the privilege to hand out soul caps to swimmers and continue to break barriers and create opportunities for BIPOC youth to feel more confident in the pool.

Thank you to Deputy Mayor of Ajax, Sterling Lee and Minister of Health, Mark Holland for your attendance and support in creating a space for BIPOC youth swimmers in Canada.

Our goal is to empower diverse children aged between 7 to 12 to start, and continue, their journey to learn how to swim. Through this program, we aim to promote life-saving skills and future opportunities that swimming can lead to like water-based exercise, recreation, competitive sports, and jobs in the aquatics field.

To learn more about the Breaking Barriers in Swimming Program click here.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: The Good Games Experience

In the world of Canadian sports, few events capture the essence of inclusivity and celebration quite like The GOOD Games. As a beacon of athletic camaraderie and cultural exchange, The GOOD Games stands as a testament to the transformational power of sport in bringing people together, regardless of age, background, or ability.

At its core, The GOOD Games embodies the spirit of inclusivity, welcoming athletes and spectators from all walks of life to partake in a weekend of festivities and competition. From former Olympians showcasing their skills on the volleyball court to families engaging in interactive sports sessions, there’s something for everyone at The GOOD Games.

One of the pillars of progress in Canadian sports, The GOOD Games endeavours to break down barriers to participation, making sport accessible to all. Through partnerships with organizations like the Indigenous Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario (ISWO), The GOOD Games offers not just athletic competition, but also cultural enrichment and learning opportunities.

As we gear up for MIG 2025 (Masters Indigenous Games), The GOOD Games serve as a vital stop on the road, providing a platform for Indigenous athletes to showcase their talents and share their rich cultural heritage with the world.

With a focus on the “watch, play, learn” ethos, The GOOD Games encourages attendees to immerse themselves in the world of sports, whether as spectators marveling at the feats of elite athletes or as active participants trying their hand at new and exciting activities.

In a society where physical activity often takes a backseat to other pursuits, The GOOD Games reignites the passion for sport in people of all ages, reminding us of the joy and fulfillment that comes from staying active and engaged.

As we look towards the future, The GOOD Games remains committed to its mission of fostering inclusivity, promoting physical literacy, and celebrating the unifying power of sport. Join us on this journey as we continue to inspire, empower, and unite through the love of the game.

Ceejay Nofuente Announced as the Next Head Coach of Women’s Basketball Program at Humber College

The Humber Department of Athletics is pleased to announce Ceejay Nofuente as the next head coach of the women’s basketball program. Nofuente will take the reins of the iconic program, following the retirement of legendary head coach Ajay Sharma.

“Ceejay is not just committed to Humber’s passion for excellence in athletics and academics, she has lived it,” said Humber Athletic Director Ray Chateau. She has been a student-athlete, a team captain, a national championship player, and for the last two years as an assistant to Coach Sharma. We support her pursuit of returning Humber’s women’s basketball team to the top of the OCAA and CCAA.”

Nofuente becomes the seventh head coach in program history since 1972, joining Humber Hall of Famer Denise Perrier (2000-11) as a former CCAA All-Canadian to transition from the hardwood to the head coach’s chair for the Hawks.

“Humber College has been a central part of my life for more than a decade, and I could not ask for a better place to continue my career,” said Nofuente. “This is absolutely humbling. First, I offer extreme gratitude to the greatest coach of all-time whose career is unrivalled in OCAA women’s basketball. Coach Sharma has built the premier program in our sport thanks to his unwavering competitive edge, a tireless attention to detail, a family-first approach and a remarkable compassion and care of his players, coaches, and staff. He has set a standard that every coach at every level should strive to achieve.”

“I’d also like to express my sincere appreciation to Ray Chateau for believing in me and providing me with this opportunity. It is an honour to call this great institution my alma mater, and I’m deeply committed to furthering its academic and athletic excellence while continuing Humber Basketball’s championship legacy.”

Joining the Hawks as a transfer in 2013, Nofuente made an immediate impact and changed the direction of Humber Basketball. A two-time national champion, the Toronto native finished her career as the most decorated women’s team sport student-athlete in CCAA history. She is the only female athlete to earn CCAA national Player of the Year honours three times and currently holds the Humber record for most career points, assists, and steals. Nofuente finished her collegiate career with a 100-3 record against CCAA opponents.